The Captured Elin 1x1

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The Captured Elin 1x1

Post  !Fox! on Wed Mar 20, 2013 2:24 pm

When the great war began, the Female Elins and the Males seperated, due to the men becoming increasingly violent with them, stateing all the women were good for was pleasure... years later, the male population is starting to die out due to the loss of their Healers and Child Bearers, causing them to become frantic with the search. after 13 years, they finally capture one Female Elin, who happens to be the princess, and after many failed attempts to bed with her, due to her breaking their minds makeing them unable to do anything, Neige began to become more and more depressed, her healthy glow replaced by a darker color as she was chained to a bed in the dungeon... a month later, she is finally moved to a room with much sunlight, with a steel color around her neck connected to a chain fused to the bed letting her walk around the room... will she be able to escape, or will the Males succeed in prying the location of the female Elin City of Pora Elinu from her while makeing her the first child bearer in years?

An agressive Male is NEEDED, not optional, makes it easier on me to continue, as i seem to do better with drama and angry rants


Quiet and brooding is not her thing, she is shy and under spoken, but tries to hide it when she can, as all she wants is peace for her kingdom

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