My Adorable Future Slave 1x1(possible rated R)

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My Adorable Future Slave 1x1(possible rated R)

Post  !Fox! on Sat Sep 27, 2014 6:43 pm

The Future... where magic has been made possible by advanced technology and code, where wars are stopped within minuteswith a single spell... of course, with all the good these spells do, there is also some bad. the slave trade has skyrocketed and become even more of a problem,as a recent invetion that causes the kidnapped slaves to be unable to do any harm to themselves, there fellow slaves, or their masters, run, or disobey a common order such as cleaning or cooking and careing for their master... Kaylee Song is one such slave, abrown haired girl with a feirce personality towards anyone, nicknamed the "untamable beast" of a slave... will the man who is buying her for a challange to tame and train her as a forced companion, ____ be able to succeed in his mission to train her into a submissive slave?

Kaylee Song
Bio/personality: will be revealed later

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