The Game That Became Our Life

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The Game That Became Our Life

Post  !Fox! on Tue Dec 03, 2013 2:45 am

when the players of a game are transported to the world they have come to know and love, everyone panics, except for a select few players who are refered to as The Solo Players, (TSP) players who roam the world on their own, mastering the battlefeild with their customized class... our story takes place when one of the most renowned TSP players, Hikuno, as he wakes up in the center of town when he sees someone in trouble. after he saves the person, he blacks out, and apon reawakening, he relizes he doesnt remember that past week of his life, or why everyone is out to kill him for a bounty... will the person he saved help him, or turn him in?

(characters can have any type of weapon as long as it isnt to Over Powered, there has to be a weakness (multiple weapons up to 3 max are allowed (dual swords count as 1 weapon)) and can be any type of race you wish)

Sword (Dual) Weilder, and Long Range Bow (can fire elemental as well)
quiet and reserved, he detests long battles where he is required to protect other players, seeing them as a weakness, until proven useful.

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