Stolen For The Future? Open

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Stolen For The Future? Open

Post  !Fox! on Fri Oct 25, 2013 7:31 pm

Asuna Yakaragi is a young maiden of 17, and is the current head paid for the Queen in 1872. she is Quietly and happily cleaning the room of her master, when she grows dizzy and passes out, only to wake up awhile later in a silver room where the shiny walls begin to blind her. as she adjust she heres a voice out of no where stating she is to be the bride of a wealthy, but very aggressive man

(the time is in the future, the specifics of this are up to you, just make it futuristic)

Asuna Yakaragi
Personality: Quiet and Reserved, she does her best to please those she meets, but when you push the wrong buttons, she is very adamant about things returning to a semblance of order.

(seems im better at playing the female roll, and i know a few people who like playing the male couterparts)

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