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Replace with a decoy

Post  Blip on Mon Apr 01, 2013 2:15 am

When Rina Nazoka got her new job at the mansion, she was very confused. The Master of the house dressed her in fancy clothes, let her sleep in an elegant bedroom, eat expensive cuisine, and the Lady called her 'evalyn' and had her do odd 'chores', which seemed more like leisure time. She realizes she looks almost exactly like their daughter, only Rina has lighter hair. She asked what happened to her, and they refuse to answer. Then they leave on a trip, with her housesitting. Then she finds letters where they theatened to kidnap the daughter and kill her if they got the police involved. Terrified, she attempts to leave...only to be rendered unconscious, the last thing she saw was the date, which was less than a week before she had begun to 'work'...

Shortly after waking up, she realizes she is in a very empty room, tied up. "About time you wake up." She turned to see a shady man, sending shivers down her spine. "Better hope daddy pays up, Evalyn."

"But im not-"
"We dont want to resort to violence. You'll do everything we ask you to, if you want to see your daddy again, Evalyn."

'W-we!? There are more of you!?' Fear seeped into her heart. "W-what will you do?"

"Depends what'll make daddy pay up..." He said. Rina wanted to faint...

meanwhile, somewhere in another country...
"Our daughter is safe." The Master said, sighing with pride.
"But...if they captured that Rina girl and ask for ransom, wont they get suspicious if we do nothing at all?" The Lady asked.

How will the chain of events unravel?

Basically, one person controls The Master and the Lady of the house, and their daughter, Evalyn; someone else controls the kidnappers(more than one, create as many as you can control); And I control Rina. Kidnapper- feel free to do as you wish with her, you can have complete jerk-arse kidnappers or have some more considerate of her, possibly free her once ransom is paid; Mansion people- decide whether or not you pay the ransom. They all have names, so name them what you want.

Skelly time!
Name: Rina Nazoka
Age: 17
Bio: After avidly searching for a job, she readily accepted the first that wished to hire her straightaway. However, she started getting a bit creeped out with the way they were treating her, they left her housesitting, and now shes kidnapped.

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