Shattered world (always open, always accepting [I do intend to go over the '6' limit])

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Shattered world (always open, always accepting [I do intend to go over the '6' limit])

Post  Blip on Fri Mar 22, 2013 4:06 am

Well, all I knew when I was growing up was that you couldn't trust people from such and town or such and such city for such and such reason. The towns and cities weren't that far away from eachother, yet they were all different...and didnt really, well, get along. Then there were always rumors of people who weren't even considered people...they seemed to be...part beast too. But I'd never seen one. I was always kept away, like anyone else with a useful trait. What I knew about the world was what I had learn before my 'gift' developed. My only friend was-well, is- a dog. His name is dog. And he always protects me, staying with me...even though the town is ruined...

A land with many scattered towns and cities had been discovered by a large nation. And seeing that these were not united, they easily plundered in, town after town, city after city, destroying and murdering-and commiting other horrible crimes-in order to ensure that this land was theirs for the taking. There are quite a few survivors left...but can they put their differences aside and unite to fight this common foe?

The survivors are from different cities and towns. There may be characters of the same town/city, but there have to be people from varying cities or else it'll lack conflict.
You may post in first or third person, it doesn't matter.
You can create up to three characters(for now). You dont have to do all three at once... im not rushing you.
You can create the name of your town/city.
They may speak different languages, but most are bilingual and can speak a language (fluently of not)that used to be the language of all the people of that land. If they're speaking in their native language, use ^^, but if they're speaking the 'universal' language, use "".
I'll add more rules if needed...suggested.

Injured? Where?:

Name: Esmeralda Baruno
Gender: Female
Town/city: Espejada
Injured? Where?: Yes; broken leg and blinded from one eye.
Abilit(y/ies)?: Poison tester-she can check if something has poison. It has no effect on her.
Bio: Though she was always curious about neighboring towns, she never dared to explore, because she feared getting into trouble or getting hurt. When they found out she could safely eat poison and could tell whether something was poisoned or not, she was locked away to keep her 'safe'. Her only company most of the time was her dog. When the town was destroyed she was caught under the building she was kept in, severely injuring her. Her dog saved her. She took refuge in the remnants of a building while her dog finds her food and such to take care of her. But is there more to her dog than even she knows about?

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