Forbidden Love

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Forbidden Love

Post  zeropestie on Sat Mar 16, 2013 4:20 am

Past Historical Time
There was a time when there were two Princes that was born as fraternal twins. They were both healthy, and lively until one day, a war had broke out. _A_, who was the youngest Prince, had ran away with _B_, the older Prince, however, during their runaways together, _B_ accidentally trips and got separated from _A_. During this time, the two were only four to five years old when the war broke out. After their separations, _B_ was captured and was held as a servant who later became a Knight. As for _A_, he returned back to his Kingdom, only to find his parents dead and his older brother, _B_ missing.

As time went on, _A_ had reform his Kingdom back to its original state and became King. As for _B_, he served another Kingdom and had locked his memories away. At the moment, his next order was to annihilate the Kingdom that was once in ruins almost two decades ago and to kill the King who had reform the Kingdom. However, when it came to eliminating the King, _B_ found out that his brother was still alive after all these years. But when he realize who it was, it was already too late. He had killed his younger brother, _A_, who was the King who had reform there Kingdom to its original state. Thus being so anger by this, he killed off the King who had order for him to kill his brother. After doing what he had did, he committed suicide and followed after his brother into his next life.

Present Modern Time
_B_ had just transfer to _A's_ school, however, the two didn't know that they were fraternal twins. They got separated when the two were 3 years old. When _B_ had transfer, _A_ had fallen for _B_, although _A_ had to keep it a secret. About three months later when _B_ had transfer, _A_ decided to confess his love for _B_. But what _A_ doesn't know was that _B_ was there to kill him and _B_ got adopted into a family of Yakuza. What will happen to _A_. Will _B_ return his love for _A_ or will _B_ recreate the past once more to when he had killed his very own brother? Let's find out.

This RP will be going back to the Past then to the Present. I hope you can keep up! I will color the Past and as for the Present, it will be default color. If you're confuse, we'll talk more on PM. If interest, PM me for the role. Thank You!

Character's Profile
Age: [17-21] (You can choose the age. They are fraternal after all so they're going to be the same age...)
Appearance: (Pick two pictures please. One for the past and one for the present...)

Please be semi-lit meaning 3-5 sentences
In third person
No text talk
Have Fun!

One more thing, you can choose to be A or B. Your pick!

(My pics:
Past: [CLICK ME]

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